The Terrifying Story of the Real-life “Mannequin Ghost”

Some say that a sorcerer fell in love with the mannequin Pascualita and used magic to bring her to life. Every night, the two of them would have joyful conversations together.

The Bridal Mummy

In Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a renowned bridal shop not only for its glamorous and trendy wedding dresses but also for its “lady” mannequin La Pascualita. This “model” is beautiful, graceful, with a radiant face and always holding a bouquet of white roses.

Displayed in the shop’s glass case for 75 years, the “mannequin” La Pascualita always attracts the attention of passersby. Her soulful, large eyes, soft hair, gentle smile, and lifelike appearance even reveal the veins on her hands.

Over time, the story of the bride mannequin Pascualita has become more filled with intriguing details. The locals in Chihuahua also spread a rumor that this mannequin is the embalmed body of the beautiful daughter of the shop owner.

Before her wedding, Kara unfortunately passed away from a venomous spider bite. Overwhelmed with grief for her beloved daughter, who never had the chance to wear her bridal gown, Mrs. Pascuala sought help to embalm her daughter’s body, hoping to keep her by her side. She placed her in the shop, and every day she dressed her in the most beautiful wedding dresses that she herself made.

Some also say that a sorcerer fell in love with the mannequin Pascualita and used magic to bring her to life. Every night, the two of them would have joyful conversations together.

The current owner of the bridal shop stated, “These terrifying and fascinating stories have attracted many curious visitors to our shop. Over the past 80 years, countless tourists have traveled from faraway places, from South America to Europe, just to satisfy their curiosity.”

The Mummified Beauty, Lao Lan

In 1980, a mummy dating back nearly 4,000 years was discovered in the area of Tan Cuong, China. Scientists estimate that this woman passed away at the age of 45, standing around 1.57 meters tall, and belonged to blood group O.

The coffin has suffered considerable erosion over time, with many branches and grass on top of the tomb. However, inside, the mummified beauty remains intact. She wears a deerskin coat and a pair of sheepskin shoes. Her slightly disheveled hair, about 30 cm long, gently cascades over her chest. The soft white hat made of bird feathers adds to her delicate and gentle appearance.

Her features are incredibly beautiful, with deep eyes, a high nose, a small mouth, and a slender chin, characteristic of European people.

The Mummified Monk

In the 20th year of the Kangxi reign, a monk named Liu Chan arrived at the Buddhist temple at the age of 49. In his childhood, he lived with his family in the city of Dongcheng, making a living by weaving bamboo baskets. In his later years, the master instructed his disciples that when he passed away, they should place his remains in a hut. After 2 to 3 years, if the body had decayed, they should handle it immediately. However, if it remained intact, they should transfer it to the Am Nhai Kien tower.

The master passed away at the age of 96, having led a virtuous life. Following the master’s instructions, his disciples discovered after three years that his body remained intact as when he was alive. It has been over 200 years since that day, enduring numerous wars and natural disasters, and it seems that the master lies outside the realm of worldly affairs.

In the 19th century, a group of people in the local area, wanting to eliminate superstitions, intended to destroy the master’s body. Fortunately, someone intervened in time to stop them. According to the introduction by Venerable Thich Tam Quang, the abbot of Nguyen Pho Pagoda, there have been several cases like Master Liu Chan in the city of An Khanh. However, to achieve such a state, only the master himself could accomplish it.

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