Astonishingly Well-Preserved Ancient Mummy After 600 Years

The face of the mummy remains remarkably intact, as if in a deep sleep.

Last April, workers at a construction site on Xuân Lan Street in Thai Chau City, China, discovered three ancient coffins from the feudal era. Immediately, archaeologists from the Thai Chau Museum were called to the scene for examination.

The three coffins were buried side by side. Based on the external carvings on the coffins, it is believed that they are from the Ming Dynasty, China (1368-1644). After obtaining permission from the local authorities, the coffins were transported to the Thai Chau Museum.

According to descriptions, there was a layer of compound applied on the exterior of the coffins, identified as glutinous rice and lime. This layer was about 10mm thick and served as a preservative. After removing the compound layer and all the surrounding nails, everyone eagerly awaited what was inside.

When the coffin lid was opened, a pungent smell filled the air. Surprisingly, although the three coffins were buried together, only one mummy remained intact, while the other two had decomposed long ago.

The inner mummy was wrapped in cotton blankets and submerged in a brownish-yellow liquid. The facial features and five senses were still remarkably preserved, making it seem as if she was in a thousand-year sleep. The headwear on the mummy retained a hint of blue color, and the stitching on the shoes remained intact.

In response to the curiosity surrounding this phenomenon, Vuonng Duy Dan, the director of the Thai Chau Museum, explained: “It is possible that these three individuals were not buried on the same day. Additionally, factors such as weather, burial temperature, and the person’s health condition at the time of burial can affect the success of mummification!”

The astonishing preservation of ancient mummies from hundreds or thousands of years ago serves as evidence of the remarkable embalming techniques used by our ancestors.

Upon taking the remains out, the observing specialists concluded that the coffins contained traditional Chinese herbs and a mixture of microorganisms and oxygen. The coffins were perfectly sealed, and over time, this mixture gradually permeated the bodies, preserving and preventing decay.

The meticulous process of mummification and the elusive mixture used for preservation were not easily accessible during that era. Archaeologists believe that this could possibly be the body of a young woman from a prestigious family. However, the wrapped cotton and accompanying objects do not appear to be of great value, and there are no surrounding tombstones. The answers will have to wait for further investigation.

As Vương Duy Dần stated: “The mummy has been placed in a refrigeration unit, and after some time, we will attempt to remove the cotton wrapping and conduct a comprehensive examination. At that time, all the secrets regarding the identity of this woman will be revealed.”

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